Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Hair hair hair!

So I've been trying to do the Natural "Curly Girl" method of cleansing & styling my hair. It involves using no sulfates (found in most shampoos) and using no silicones (found in most conditioners & styling products). I guess I am modifying it a little bit because the Curly Girl method is using conditioner as a wash instead of Shampoo but I found some great non-sulfate shampoos that I like to use. (I use Burt's Bees Shampoo and/or any bottles in Giovanni's Shampoo Line: Tea Tree, 50:50 and GVP Conditioning Balm)

This picture is before I started: This picture is right after the first non-sulfate/non-silicone wash & condition & diffuser dry.

This picture is a few days later after I colored my hair with L'Oreal Excellence HiColor Red HiLights. For styling I used Pantene Pomade on the bangs, Pantene Mousse on the crown & Herbel Essense Mousse on the rest. I put the crown in 3 big rollers while I dried the curls with a diffuser, then once that was dry - I took the rollers out and smoothed the hair with a big boar bristle round brush and the hairdryer on low heat. Then I crunched the curls, and wah-la - soft!

I think I love it. My hair totally feels a lot better and my curls are great. I never really realized I have curls...I always thought I just had wavy hair.


Blossom said...

Oh my god, I ADORE your curls! I followed your link from Naturally Curly and am teeming with jealousy. Love the color, too! I'm considering going CG as well. :)

Starla said...

Thanks :) It's been a year and I'm still doing it! Haven't used a flat iron in a year either! And my products have stayed pretty consistent.

Once or twice a month I use Giovanni Shampoo Tea Tree.

But I tend to generally co wash with the Giovanni Tea Tree Conditioner. Then I use GVP Conditioning Balm.

And instead of mouse I've been using Fantasia IC Sparkle Lites gel (totally cheap) and it's been amazing! I highly recommend you go cg!!!